Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I recently, and somewhat lacklusterly, attended a weekend seminar on WRITING FOR TELEVISON.

I was wrong in my assumptions, it was a revelation, and, amongst other things, sparked in me the decision to find and watch as many pilot episodes of shows that I could find. Which didn't prove difficult to do, thanks to the internet, and boxset DVD'S and the wholesale flogging off of all sorts of brilliant and odd stuff at HMV at the start of the year.

Doing this taught me things I hadn't previously been consciously aware of. I say conscious as I believe we all subconsciously understand the grammar and language of film and tv better than we would think we do. We all watch the stuff. God help us, we watch hours of the stuff. ( Well I do, anyway ) That is why we always know when a show sells the story, and us, short. But understanding this, dragging it into the light of the conscious bit of the brain. That is half the fight.

So the plan is to watch / rewatch 101 pilot episodes from as many diverse tv shows as possible, and post on each one. I am not sure to what exact purpose at the moment. I am hoping great revelations will unfold. I suspect any enlightenment will be small pieces of the puzzle. I hope I don't eventually get bored and wander off.

But at this moment in time I am up for this. And keen to see what unfolds.

BTW - This may take some time.

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